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Sorry, missed your post - we have been extremely busy preparing for MFest next week.

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Tom, I'm have a few questions and hope you can provide a little guidance.
1) The video indicates the car above is on the VF620 kit, and making 690hp @ ~8lbs of boost. On the VFEng website, it says the VF620 kit is good for 620hp @ 5.5-6PSI.
Our car is using the production VF620 kit with no changes other than a race gas with Akropovic tune, 100oct fuel and Akrapovic Evo exhaust. We've noticed power outputs vary from car to car, depending on temperature. In the winter we have seen boost is actually higher by 1psi caused by ambient temp differences only.

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a) Are you guys selling the 8lb pulley, or was this a custom one off?
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b) Is the kit w/the 8 lb pulley kit called something else (VF690?) and if so, what's the price difference between the 690hp kit vs the 620hp kit?
VF does not offer an 8lb setup. However they are considering ading a VF650 kit to the lineup which requires a full Akrapovic Evo or equivalent exhaust setup.

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2) Drew is having issues w/his DCT and the clutch discs slipping. Are you guys on the stock discs, and how are they holding up?
Yes, we are running the stock DCT and have not experienced any issues so far.

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3) The car 690hp car is running a stock bottom end. VF Eng. didn't feel like a rebuild of the bottom end was warranted for long-term reliability of the engine? I'm asking b/c the other two high hp s/c builds I've seen have a bottom end rebuild going on, so I'm curious.
Correct, long block is untouched.

VF mentioned they are not comfortable running production cars at 690hp due to engine reliability and connecting rod bearing issues.

I am using a specific race tune since this car sees repeated track use. This tune is not commercially available at the moment, but may be offered as an available option in the near future for dedicated trackrats.

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Thanks for your help. Love the power you guys are making
Much appreciated. There's plenty more to come.
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