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I did 10-12 laps in the Scud about a year ago when they were using the infield course.
Richie Hearn was my instructor. it was the same weekend as the Nellis Air Show - so it was a double treat. (Thunderbirds ftmfw)
All the reviews are great but leave out one giant negative of driving a mid-engine supercar.
My Scud had stock brakes (Ceramic) and stock Tires (Bridgestone).
The traction control setting was one away from 'off'
The problem for me was loading the skinny front 225 tires at corner exit. At high speeds you have to always load the front tires with a touch of brakes so the body will roll on to the front tires and provide front traction. It forces you to a different driving style then we are all use to driving our front engine M3s. BTW, there was more body roll front to back then my Ground Control Coilover Kit M3.
The Scud is a fast car with a superior tranny and power for days. I would def change suspension settings and add wider tires in front (like in the 430/458 challenge cars) to improve the car at the track however.
Other then that, great experience, great organization, instructors have to feel you out for the 1st laps to see if ur a yahoo or whatever, no instructor brake pedal?? In my car, and i also overheated the Scud as they let the car sit for 10 min after my session.

And seriously, dont waste ur time driving multiple cars unless ur a newbie and just want the experience of flooring these cars on the short straight away.
If u have track experience, rent 1 car for as many laps as u can afford and u will get the most out of the track and car that way. It takes a a couple laps to learn a course and a few more laps to learn how to go fast, after that u start to push the car outside ur comfort zone and understand it better.

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