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circumcision offers some hygenic benfits to those who aren't clean to begin with, but there is little evidence that a male who takes a few moments to clean his foreskin can't be just as hygenic as the one who is circumcised.

When the flight attendant told him he couldn't wash his feet, was it for safety or hygenic reasons? I do yoga once in a while and I'd still have a difficult time washing my feet in an airline bathroom sink. Plus, if you think about it, how did the flight attendant even know he was going to attempt wuhdu, the door to the bathroom is always shut on a plane. The only 2 ways I could see an attendant confronting a passenger over this issue would be 1)he had the door open (blocking the aisle) then was sticking his foot in thru the door sidways to reach the sink (blocking the aisle) or 2) he had some sort of container and was actually pouring water over his feet into the toilet with the door open (blocking teh aisle) and risking infection from his feet touching the bowl of the toilet and getting that nasty greenish liquid they use in airplanes.
To me, it doesn't really sound like he was being criticised for his religious beleif, or even because he might somehow contaminate teh rest of the passengers via contact with the sink, it was a safety/flight regulations issue. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.