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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
2 questions:

As a 6MT user, shouldn't you have the correct gear selected for the track-out before you reach the apex, either by "handbag-holding" flippy-flappy paddles or "hairy-chested" heel-toe shifts, during straight-line or trail braking? Is this about down shifting during turn-in? I am confused about DCT throttle sensitivity and gear change abruptness in cornering with DCT

Can someone with a handbag help out a hairy-chested Luddite driving 20th century technology in the use of DCT on the track?

[There may have been some writer bias expressed in the above message]
With the closer gear ratios of the M DCT there are a few corners where from the apex to the corner exit point,you will pick up enough speed to require a shift.The one corner that really shows the benefit of this is corner 3 at Mosport.

Turn 3
Turn 3 is slightly off camber with a deceptive entrance, and a nasty bit of curbing at the apex.

If your car has 'street' ABS unit, be cautious of extreme late braking from the far left side of the track as the track goes quickly right and the very, very end of the brake zone fully left, has a decrease in the 'Uphill Slope' that can trigger ABS intervention. Best to enter the corner 1 foot off the left edge and trail brakes aggressively into turn.

The natural camber slopes away from the apex, so cars tend to push out. To counter this, make a very deep entrance, and slowly bring the car in to the apex curbing. A bit of curbing sticks out into the track, and the actual apex runs along the curbing just beyond this point. If you can apex the turn 1 foot after all the curbing, there is a small section of track with neutral camber that will help hold the car and resist the negative camber - you will know if you hit it as your car won't shoot left.

An early apex will have the car bouncing off the protruding curb, and can easily leave the track to the left.

Exit the corner at the end of the curbing on the left, and move over to position yourself for turn 4.

In my old car with the 6 speed I would downshift to 3rd on corner entry and upshift past the exit curbing back up to 4th.

With my M-dct I downshift to 3rd on corner entry and halfway out to the curbing I run out of revs in 3rd and must shift to 4th while still turning.Doing this gives me a lot more exit speed as I am not under 6500 at the apex so the car is in the sweet spot of the power where it needed.If I was doing this in 4th and not shifting I would be a lot slower as I would be a lot lower in the power band at the apex which will also make the car tougher to balance on corner exit.
In my 6 speed car I did some in car coaching with trail & follow with some race licence students and found that a 500 rpm reduction in revs at the shift point reduced my speed at the end of the 3/4 mile uphill straight by 7-8 kph.You need to shift these cars just before the limiter to work best on the track.

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