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Drives: 335i Coupe xDrive 2009
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Update September 8, 2012
Error messages I had so far but not longer there:
1. 4x4 error (the error is gone after I drove the car and it is no longer there)
2. Chassis stabilization malfunction! (the error is gone after I drove the car and it is no longer there)
3. Start-off assistance inactive! (the error is gone after I drove the car and it is no longer there)
4. SOS call system malfunction! (Error gone, it was because of fiber cable I disconnect in the pedal trim - I used old BMW front pdc installation instruction which instruct me to do so. Later I found I don't need to get near pedal trim cables)
Issues with other systems:
- Radio, DVD, CD, iPod, bluetooth, internal music in the harddrive all all not functional (Fixed - fiber cable disconnected)
Issues with the physical components:
- The front bumper carrier is not compatible with the front sensors. It is very close to the bumper and there are no curves in it. I can't even fit the plastic sensors holder. (yes I drilled the holes in the correct location). Trust my, the front bumper carrier is not designed to allow any sensors to be installed. I am going to the dealer today and complain, there were no document to state that I need to replace the front bumper carrior and the dealer told me after checking my cars VIN number that I can install front sensors.
I had to cut my front rebar to fit front middle sensors. Both middle front sensors they go off from time to time because they are sitting on top of the rebar. I am thinking to install M3 rebar but I am not sure if the M3 rebar is shorter than 335 rebar. I tried 335 2011 rebar, same issue, there is no enough distance between front middle sensors and rebar

This is the coding that I have done so far.

Using the Expertmode Profile
1. In the FA - Removed $507 and added $508
4. SG_Coderien - PDC
5. SG_Coderien -CIC
The only open issue is that the PDC proximity sound comes from the Piezo buzzer instead of the audio speakers. I thought it was the audio speakers before, cant remember.

Pasted from <http://www.**************/showthread.php?546-Front-PDC-Retrofit-on-my-2011-M3>

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