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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Shelton at Cos replaced the fuel pressure sensor in mine and then took it for a test drive and still saw codes. He elevated the case to BMW Technical and opened a PUMA case. Per their instructions, he smoke tested the intake and found no leaks there and replaced the manifold air pressure sensor. He still saw faults related to fuel pressure not matching the vehicle and ultimately replaced the fuel pump and the faults stopped.

If you have the problem again, take it to Shelton at Cos.

Thanks for the warranty info. I'll be curious to see details. I'm not sure, but I thought that BMW's warranty cost more, but included some expendables.

Ha - I've had the manifold air pressure sensor replaced in a prior service as well. Picked it up last night, no codes then or this morning. What causes the fuel pump to go out? Bad or non top tier gas? (I've not put anything less than 91 octane in, but haven't been as studious in the choice of stations I fill at except that I choose newer stations, assuming they have newer tanks with less debris.) FWIW Schomp has opened a PUMA case each time I've taken the car in for the Increased Emissions. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll keep his info handy for next time (and here's to hoping I don't have to use it).

BMW's warranty has been quoted to me at 3x that cost and isn't based on current mileage (which is where I have the most need since time expired well before the mileage). There's a thread in the General section that tipped me off to Assurant vs BMW warranty, price & coverage - there may be additional details there, haven't checked it in a couple of weeks.
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