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Originally Posted by elm3
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I dunno what the first guy wrote, but what you are probaly experiencing is the lash in the driveline when you release the throttle (no big deal). These cars make lots of noises. I wouldn't worry about the engine/tranny mounts just yet, if you want to check the engine mounts, put the brake on and put the car in first gear with the hood up. Slowly let the clutch engage and have someone watch the engine to see if there is any abrupt/unusual movement.
+1, I think that he is experiencing the clunk when pressing on the clutch. But yes, these cars are notorious for having a lot of noises. If you wanted a quite car, should have bought something different.
I want a quiet car? I have a few manual car, for example my 10 year old 360 modena is very solid, very tight. The only noise it makes is tire squelching and exhaust screaming, absolutely no clunking. I am just a little surprised a new M3 would have such flaw.