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Okay, our first event is in the can (as my wife likes to say). Somehow, somewhere, I have lost my GoPro camera, so no video to offer.

The course was 45-ish seconds and pretty good, although it had more steady-state turning than I care for. There was also one fairly snug slalom.

The site is a good size, made up of two identical unrestricted, rectangular asphalt sections, one 5 years old, one brand new one. The grip difference between the two was remarkable, and putting power down on the old surface was noticeably more difficult.

Weather was moderate: 55-60 degrees, but a chill breeze all day. Not bad for the 49th parallel.

The combination of fresh 295s and the big front swaybar was a good improvement over last season's bone-stock-on-tired-255 trial, but I think another jump in bar size is in order, although a damper upgrade may make that unnecessary. Also, Rich, I'm thinking the 315s in the rear may be mandatory (hence, your intuition was correct), since one steers with the throttle everywhere.

Here is a video from one of the fleet of Miatas that was there: