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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
So what exactly is this guy saying? How exactly is the M3's weight and cost "not dissimilar" from the M5? (Of course there is no mention of handling and character). And, by the same token, why should someone even consider the 135 as a serious alternative to the M3 just because it costs and weighs less? Then we should all be driving the new Evo?

Here are the differences and outlining contradictions what he's saying:

135i (~1450kg); M3 (1650kg); M5(1830kg)

135i (~33,000); M3 (51,000); M5 (64600)

So, the M3-135 weight/cost differences are very similar to the M3-M5 weight/cost difference.

This is indeed rubbish.
The weight of the 135i has already been published: 1560kg (EU standard).

So the weight to HP ratios are:

135: 5.1 kg/HP
M3: 3.9 kg/HP
M5: 3.6 kg/HP

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