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So, today I was wondering what other cars out there are like. I read alot about cars, but my own experience has given me a subjective quality I think is the most important: Smooth performance.

My first car was an old ass suburban, it was a POS and the doors didn't work anymore, nor did the AC or radio volume knob.

My second was a 6 speed MT 05 mustang, I purchased myself and it was another POS. It was brand new and over time erroded and died. Its resale was pitiful and everything rattled. I literally will never buy a Ford product again, and when I see a mustang I literally cringe and sometimes even get a sick to my stomach feeling because I hated the car that much. It was the absolute opposite of smooth.

My Nissan 370z (sport package, 6-MT) was next, I purchased it new and it was an entire new level of car. It was smooth up to a certain point (read: the entire upper band of its RPMs) and I loved mastering the handling and acceleration nuances of the car. The only downside was the tractor-like roar it had which made the whole car feel unstable and rough at the higher-end of the RPMs. I would definitely buy a japanese car again; but I really hope the engine characteristics are just the Z car...not all powerful V6s.

My current BMW M3 I feel has that amazing engine feel and the quiet refined feel. It is the next level. Very solid. I do miss the lightweightness of the 370z as well, however.

Other than extreme exotics, are there other cars that can deliver the same feel of a smooth high reving engine (m3), small light weight (370z), and the refined quietness in the cabin?

I was thinking the only thing that comes close is the cayman or gt3 variants of the porsche. I've also heard good things about the S2000. I say this because I was thinking about getting a track dedicated car that I can street as well, with the m3 being my DD and occasional tracker.

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