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problems with "boss"

English is not my first language so i apologize in advance.

Okay here is some back story: I shoot for a local shop (i've been shooting for them for a couple months now) they work on a lot of exotics and i only get to shoot inside their shop, no outdoor shooting. Shop owner is paying me close to nothing, but i shoot for them since i think it will help build with my portfolio (and it has) Shop owner pays me after every photo shoot.

Here is where the problem begins, i give the shop my photos and they get to post them on their facebook page, website, etc. i am fine with that. I later find out that the shop gave my pictures to a very popular wheel company and let them use it on their site. (lets call them wheel company #1) i am kind of mad since he didnt let me know about this, but i let it slide.

fast forward a month i post new pictures on a forum and a wheel company (wheel company #2) contacts me about the pictures to see if its okay for them to use on their site and i say its okay as long as you mention me. The shop owner finds out that i let Wheel company #2 use the pictures because he paid for them. now he is mad, because i let Wheel company #2 use the pictures. (shop owner has beef with wheel company #2, thats why he is mad)

I did not have to sign any contract saying who i could or could not give my photos to, i reserved all rights to my images so it is okay for me to give my photos to whom ever i want, correct? what should i tell shop owner?