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Originally Posted by arter View Post
Was hitting 155 at the end of the back straight at Mid Ohio (BMW CCA) last weekend and the Pagids were working great.

Didn't do that all weekend though as I was on street tires, it was 38F and I didn't want to know why the sand trap at the end of the straight was named China Beach
155--That's nuts! I found the following description of Mid-Ohio at Note the description of typical speed on the straight by this Divisional Champion:

Hot Lap courtesy of Chris W. Ingle, 2003 Southeast Division T1 National Champion, #7 T1 Corvette Z06:
Overall, Mid Ohio is a very technical track and quite frankly, dangerous road course near Mansfield, Ohio. It is a handling track more so than just horsepower and has just about everything a great road course should have -- elevation changes, high speed straights (near 140 mph), fast 'pucker-factor' corners, and a few tight corners thrown in just for good measure. Extremely challenging, it takes lots and lots of seat time here to be fast. Do not expect to make drastic lap time improvements from visit to visit -- it comes in tenths of a second and sometimes hundredths. The bad part about this track though is that there is little room for error. A large part of the course is bordered by concrete walls and in some places is very close to the racing surface. You really have to pick your spots to push the limits here because the consequences are painful and expensive. Over the years, Mid Ohio has improved the safety adding more tire walls and extending the gravel traps while moving back some of the railings.

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