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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post
I LOVE Beer... but i had to give it up when i decided i wanted to be in serious shape.

Ill keep this as basic as possible, and i won't even get into the facts on how it lowers your testosterone, and increases fat storage or the fact that is dehydrates you and your muscles that are trying to grow or the fact that is completely depletes your essential acids that aid or even create muscle growth.

at the most basic level of thinking about alcohol and fitness. If you get Drunk today or tonight are you going to work out in the AM? or is your workout going to be as intense as it needs to be?

I can probably guarantee i am one of the most physically fit people on this forum, and not because i am in the Army. The only way i can balance beer and looking the way i do, is to avoid it at all costs. And thats not because i have a hard time maintaining my weight. Its because thats what you need to do if you want to actually be shredded. If i am going to drink, its MAybe 2 beers in a month. But this is for people who are in extreme shape. If you are just trying to keep strong and look "ok" than id say 2-3 a week is alright.

Drinking beer while trying to get in shape is like eating pizza and a Coke after a workout or before bed. Makes no sense.

Not trying to sound rude, I know i do sometimes.

I am actually eating a 4 oz steak and a vegetable shake right now... so i guess I'm reacting a little hard. lol

Good Luck man.

You really did a great job answering the OP.

I am looking for some hard core no BS FACTUAL NOT TRENDY OR CONTROVERSIAL info regarding alchohol on how it hurts workout progress, some rules and advice on how to work in having a good time out and your workout progression...

Here you go OP. Read it and don't listen to posts like the one above.