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I was wondering what to get, also, and searched forums and read more information than was probably healthy.

In the end, I looked at both the leading Escort and the V1.

However...they are ugly.

I had a Cobra for almost eight years that was fantastic. And it looked pretty nice on the front windshield.

But the blocky V1 looks like three legos were glued together, then melted. And the Escort looks like a pre-1974 Buck Rodgers TV device.

Since Cobra's had been reliable for me, I went to their website and found the iRadar. First, it has exterior packaging that looks much nicer. Second, if you want to, you can pair it with a BlueTooth iPhone, iPod, Android, whatever, to have a few enhancements. Third, it has much newer technology than what I used previously.

No, we don't buy these things because they look pretty -- we buy them so that they will detect radar/laser signals. After about four weeks of use, the iRadar seems to be flawless.

I have an iPod Touch permanently connected to the USB port in the console, and it is pretty much a dedicated iRadar accessory...primarily to assist with sound notifications. But the last couple of weeks I've just let the iRadar go solo. It makes plenty of noise when it detects something, it only has one small light, and there's a mute button.

Having a new $$ car and then throwing a bulky, ugly piece of plastic on the dash/window was not appealing. The iRadar seems to be working just fine.

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