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Originally Posted by Chowster View Post
My CF console arrived safely in Canada today via USPS, as promised by Nate. Amazing wrapping and packaging by IND once again, as expected. (wait, there was no yellow microfiber?!?)

I installed it tonight in about 30 minutes, partly because I'm a modding novice, and partly because I'm a total chicken! If I had to do it again, it would take less than 15 minutes. The DIY descriptions found here and in other threads were very helpful, and extremely accurate. Plastic trim tools were helpful to get things started near the armrest, and then it's pretty easy sailing pulling the console up from there.

My only concern, albeit a VERY minor one, is that there is no trim piece or border around the oval Drivelogic rocker switch, with a somewhat raw CF edge and a 2-3mm circumferential gap. Did anyone else find this?

Oh yes, I almost broke my nose and my glasses pulling the DCT shift knob off. I believe that I already read in another thread not to pull so hard, and to keep one's face out the way... idiot. So I will warn other novices once again, don't pull so damn hard!

Luckily, I didn't have to contend with the ashtray cover piece, as IND already installed it onto my new sunglasses compartment. This was a VERY worthwhile addition for me, for a much more secure place to store my glasses and/or iphone during spirited driving.

Photos don't do this piece justice. It really looks amazing when installed, and subtlety matches my carbon leather interior trim.

Thank you IND!!!
We have all had this happen at some point A 6-speed or DCT knob to the face is very common on the first install.

Could you post a photo of the raw carbon section? Being an OEM BMW part I have only heard that the carbon and fitment is perfect.

Thanks again!