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Big hands, strung out!

Installed new LUX H8s today and have a suggestion that I didn't see here with a search. My hands aren't giant, but they sure as hell aren't small enough to fit more than three fingertips worth into the area around and near the bulb. I was pretty sure if I could just get the damn thing lined up and into opening I would be home free. As others suggested, putting the heatsink in first and downward is the key. Still, couldn't easily pull it back up with accuracy and wasn't willing to spend an hour or call the missus.

Instead, I snipped off about a 12-18 inch piece of string, looped it around the gaps between the heatsinks, using the first slot where these get larger in diameter, pushed in transformer/ballast, followed by heatsink with bulb up. Then holding both ends of the string like a sling in one hand, using fingertip on the actual end of the LED bulb was easily able to guide it upward enough to align with and enter hole.

From there, the string cradle still provides stabilizing and lift while us with normal hands basically twist the bulb the tiny bit needed to get it seated using two or three fingertips. Done. First one took 5 minutes like this. Second one, literally 3.

As an aside, the tab configuration left and right is different. You really need to look more closely at each bulb as you pull the originals out to get your orientation right. Before you toss them in the same box together and have to sort out which is which. Without this boneheaded move, the second one would have been under 2 minutes.
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