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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
I think aftermarket tweeters are the next upgrade. Which ones do you recommend. Also, i have the L7 mids crossed @ 170hz do you think that is good?
I'm in a minority when it comes to crossover point
I believe Technic/vp etc all say around 150-175
I didn't like that at all (back when I had the logic 7 speakers)
Problem with 150-170 is the mids sound good, but the I can tell the mid bass is coming from underneath me since the subs have to produce sound up to the same crossover point
I had mine set to 90hz between mids and sws-8
But I'd you're giving the speakers, they can't handle such a low crossover point
I was only giving them about 50 watts each

This is where the MS-8 is great
Being able to try different crossover points without getting out of the drivers seat is cool

As for tweeters recommendations, not sure
I was using very old school tweeters that were made in the 80s or 90s
Can't get them anymore