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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
So I spent a few hours yesterday replacing all the hifi speakers (2ohm) with the logic 7 speakers (4ohm). What I found was the hifi tweeters are 4ohm. I kept the Hifi tweeters in and just replaced the woofers. Now the output of the tweeters is matching the woofers.

I put in the aluminum dome logic 7 tweeters for a short while but i found them a bit harsh and tinny. Put the textile domes back in.

Prior to the woofer replacement, the system sounded really dull and highs were lacking output.

But now it really sings.
... and if you replace all the HiFi speakers -except the HiFi OEM woofers- with the Individual Audio component and coaxial OEM speakers while keeping the HiFi OEM amp then it will sound even better.

The HiFi OEM amp is quite decent for a standard OEM amp. The HiFi speakers are a disgrace, though.