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Originally Posted by FairladyZ View Post
I know this is a really dumb question and I feel dumb asking. I did flip through the manual, but did not see a paragraph on describing how to insert multiple discs?

There are buttons 1 - 6 on the console, so I'd assume the system can take up to 6 discs.

The manual does mention about a CD changer, but it's in the TRUNK. To me that sounds unlikely because:

1) I'm able to insert at least 1 CD into the slot on the console, which is how this is SUPPOSED to work in my mind.

2) The act of getting out of the car, popping open the trunk just to change a CD, is retarted.

Now, someone care to enlighten me?
Ok Honey, I think this should answer your question. If you have a 6 CD changer in the boot like below ...... you're good.

(I couldn't be bothered to put up my roof, but you get the idea.)