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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
HRE is a considerably larger concern making a lot more wheels, they are not directly comparable. I hire engineering outfits at different times when I have my boat in the shipyard and essentially what they do is come in and do the math so to speak. For instance a mounting for a 100 ton winch. You cant just scab some steel up and say "hmmm these bolts are really big, I'm going to use them". You have to get an engineer. Once they are done though the job is done. There are many engineering firms that specialize in this kind of "piece work" if you will. This is how I picture in my mind the need for engineering during the development and testing of a wheel. Once its done its done. Is that correct or am I missing something?
Like I said above "a bit".

Your use of engineering consulting sounds very reasonable. However the analogy breaks down given the need for a very large number of variations of a given design. It does not sound like you face that particular challenge. Your quote above about the bolts being big enough (say visually) also sounds like the way way too many wheel companies operate. Perhaps ADV operates the same way. If they claimed they have an engineer on staff and they don't then we can simply add this case to their deceptions. Their existing lies (TUV certification) and lack of response to this concern (not just mine but made by multiple members of the community) are plenty enough for me to draw the conclusion I need.

Much like either in the legal world or just in life itself, we have some evidence, some opinions and each person can draw their own conclusions.

Keep up the good use of the engineers you hire! No one should screw around with 100 tons of force when persons are near such equipment. Similarly one should not screw around with the persons lives in cars on public roads and the cars critical safety items such as wheels, tires and brakes. Companies in the latter two fields are VERY serious and very competent with top notch engineering and safety, which you probably knew already.

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