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Got the Velos Designwerks tune.

So I found myself in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Drove the M3 down from Michigan. Being from a distinctly non-(german)automotive scene, I was determined to take advantage of my proximity to great vendors, and not come home empty-handed.

With the fiancé agreeable after some beach time and shopping , I placed a call to Omar at Velos with start-off mods like a filter and pulley in mind. Omar informed me that he did not have those items in stock, but he did have a soon to be introduced tune available. The tune came with a personal tuner, and he would include the stock tune, as well as a catless/hfc tune with cel delete (which I intend to utilize in the future), and of course the stock file. After discussing in some detail with Omar, recognizing the obvious experience and expertise and getting comfortable with the idea, I concluded that the filter and pulley could wait… The next day it was off to Velos.

Pics from my visit are below. It was great meeting Omar and becoming acquainted with his company, facility, and ambitious future plans. I suspect that we'll be hearing more from him and Velos. Wifey thought he was a good dude too, and she's usually right about such matters… though he was a gentleman and went out of his way to warm her soup, so that admittedly could be the primary reason why.

Some thoughts on the tune --

Very pleased overall. As with many mods, they're most noticeable when first installed, so I wanted to do my best to recognize the updated engine characteristics straightaway.

First thing I perceived was more urgency in the 3k-4k range, which is my typical daily driving shift point in the low gears. Difficult to describe, but whereas I felt that the engine would stay relatively flat during standard acceleration in this range before, the tune seems to push the engine through the range more aggressively... if that makes some sense.

That evening I was able to take the car out for some 1st thru 3rd gear blasts. Here again I perceived a greater urgency through the rev range, and perhaps a bit more at the top end.

No cel or issues to speak of. Went to a HPDE at Homestead a few days after the tune.

Loving the idea that I can install the Akra or Challenge HFC exhaust anytime and I've got the appropriate tune waiting.

Sorry I don't have any objective data fellas. The trusty butt dyno and first impressions will have to do.

Omar just followed up with me this week to make sure all was well, so I have little doubts about post-sale support if needed.

Let me know if any questions.

Arriving at Velos, getting hooked up to the tender for the ECU read, which took about 2 hours.

The quality Velos wait room. Wifey happy eating her warm soup, and watching junk tv.

The Velos "Personal Tuner".

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