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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Mike, I'll be at iND within this month... you can swap your badge and gun for my car for the day...
Tell you what...let me know when you'll be here and maybe we can have an exchange day! In fact, I am friendly with some guys at the local racetrack and I might be able to arrange to track time

Originally Posted by Bimmer Freeeek! View Post
Oooooh can I play too? BTW we will need squad car and gold aviator sunglasses for the full fun experience!

I think it's funny that nobody has tried to talk him off the ledge. This is an M3 enthusiasts forum. Apparently when something shinier and racier comes along, poor lil' M3 gets the no love laufpass!
You can play, but you'll have to be Ramathorn on account of your swarthy complexion... And you're right. Asking this bunch of enablers is like asking a heroin junkie to help you resist stealing grannies jewelry for your next fix!

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
GT3...because race-car/

Originally Posted by Bimmer Freeeek! View Post
you boys are a funny bunch
Originally Posted by nota_troll View Post
Get the Cayman R first then swing for the fences on the GT3 later. The R will hold it's value better than the RS. IMO the RS isn't worth the extra money. For RS money I'd wait for the 997.2 GT3 to fall in striking distance.

I like my Ms but love my 911s.
I'm not sure about the Cayman holding better value, but you may be right. The 2007 is the car. I don't care about the updated version. its THE grail car. Maybe I'll care after I have the first one
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Originally Posted by double eagle View Post
Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.