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Originally Posted by jvitas View Post
Gerahead999 is absolutly correct about the differences between DCT and SMG. However, they both contain gears and clutches. I've been involed with clutch and gear box designs for over 30 years and you can't design away the problem completely. BMW did a phenominal job with the DCT and the computer control is extremely precise, but this is still a passenger car transmission, albeit a very good one, but if you abuse it it will fail. So if shifting in S6 is your thing, do it. But if you think its improving your lap times you're kidding yourself. Does it change the speed of the car? I doubt it. Does it put extra strain on the transmission? Absolutely. Does it unbalance the car? Sometimes.
I have tried running my car in the lower settings of 4 & 5 and found that the downshifts were slow and lazy compared to 6.The only time I notice "shift shock" is in the lower gears which are not being used at most of the faster tracks that I have run at.I find the 3-4-5 shifts are pretty dam smooth.