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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
All but one of the options you listed are part of the "Nav" (i.e. Premium) package. Sure, definitely a nice car, but you can easily add another $10K worth of very common options on top of that.

That adds up to $58,579. Yes, still within your $58K number, but like I said you got the Nav package, but not much else, i.e. no Competition Package, no DCT, no 19" wheels, no DDC, no Enhanced Premium Sound, no Satellite radio, etc.

I'm very familiar with the numbers, I bought a '12 M3 coupe via Euro delivery.

My point was not to be negative, just point out that most people expect those other common features/options when they consider a "loaded" car, and obviously that's gonna add a whole lot more to the price.
I see what you mean.
Maybe I didn't explain further about my own definition of "loaded".
Like many, I've been looking through M3 purchase since 08, back then when there were tech pack + $2000 premium pack. Then BMW went onto adding a convinience package, "less" loaded with navi and all. Now they just combined all to one big chunk premium pack $4000 that pretty much has a lot of popular features.

congrats on your new M!