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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Good luck at the dealer, don't forget you can go to another more mod-friendly one if they give you a hard time. Let me know if they wind up reflashing your car as a result of the CEL.
Schomp just called. SES (Service Engine Soon, Increased Emissions) was apparently caused by bad fuel pressure sensor and fuel pump. When my SA asked, I told him (as if he couldn't hear it ) about the new exhaust and that I was pretty certain it had nothing to do with the error codes since I didn't replace anything that would cause a CEL. Also told him I'd done some spirited driving Sunday and went into limp mode briefly. Short story: it's being fixed under warranty... and I'm buying the USAA Assurant extended warranty for $1800 before the factory one expires May 23.

I don't think they'll be able to do any SW updates / flash the CPU because I left the 09+ iDrive control knob installed. I remember reading doing so prohibits updates because it's not a factory installed part number - it was a strategic decision after we talked. I get the car back Monday or Tuesday (driving a new X3 for now which is pretty good, for what it is!), have NASA Time Trials at PPIR next weekend. I'm in for a Dyno Day after that though!

....and now we're completely from the thread llis started. Sorry L!
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