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Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
That is bad ass. I love it!

I've seen exactly two CTS V wagons on the road. Talking about "dare to be different!" I've seen a few sedans, but the wagon is killer to me.
Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
Very nice! Love to hear a review. I am a huge fan of the wagon.
OK, so I'm a BMW guy through and through. I will be getting another M3 for my next lease for sure....just wanted to get that out of the way.

Initially I kind of hated the CTS-Vs. I didn't like the styling at all and I particularly didn't like the coupe. After looking at them in person for a few days, they grew on me and I honestly thought this would never happen. In particular, the black on black with black wheels and yellow calipers is to me at least, the only way to do the CTS-V in any of the three models. The cars look badass with this combo. The chrome wheels and other colors just don't do it for me.

I think the magazine performance/reviews do a better job of comparing the CTS-Vs and describing their performance than I can, but here's my 2 cents.

The engine has a 1,500 mile break in period so I haven't got a chance to really get on it....except I slipped once. All I can say is that the LS-A is a beast of an engine. The torque available immediately is just ridiculous as compared to the E9X. Maybe with a daily driving, stop light to stop light perspective, the CTS-V is faster, but I think I'd rather have the E9X engine particularly for track use. So far, I still prefer my E92 to the CTS-Vs all day long. The steering in the CTS-V is not heavy enough which makes the CTS-V feel like the heavier car it is. I don't know how BMW does it, but the M3 has a special feeling that is hard to describe other than to say it feels more nimble at all speeds. The CTS-V is an auto with paddle shift, so I can't comment on my manual M3 vs. manual CTS-V. Fit and finish is of course a BMW win. Styling is subjective. We removed the roof rails and will be adding tint this weekend which should complete the look. An axle back exhaust may also be added in the future. If we ever get the CTS-V out on track, that will be the true test for me.

The wagon is the most unique/rare of the CTS-Vs, there is only one at each dealership and that is partly why we got it. My wife hauls some stuff around with her, but we have no kids, so I'm not sure that the wagon was a practical purchase. I mean who needs a 556 bhp wagon....I guess we do.