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Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
it feels great. You can swing by and take for a test drive. Sitting lower makes it feel it's shorter but i know it's not. Also there is weight to the thing, almost makes it feel like it's more precise. I know it sounds crazy, but best 60$ you will spend in your life time IMHO.
interesting, thanks for the offer, I wouldn't need to drive the car to gauge the feel. My issue is I sit pretty upright and high, so the OEM height bothers me. The angle isn't quite what I want and my elbow hit the armrest. I also don't grip the knob on top, my style is more to pull and push the knob like a lever vs others who cup their hand on top of the knob.

I just wish changing the knob wasn't such a big reconstruction job where you have to cut the boot and everything. Then I would buy it, try it, and if I don't like it, reinstall the old one.