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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
You lost me after that. IMO, you don't need your husband's approval. Most of us guys wrestle with this with our wives/GFs and we shouldn't have to. You even less so. He should be happy that his lady wants to improve her sex appeal! Guys go weak in the knees for a lady with a sexy car, especially when she knows how to mod it!

Sorry for the OT!
He knows that when I'm sinking money into the E90, I'm doing it with the goal of getting it back out on track. He had me buy a semi-prepped E36 M3 last year to track instead because he started getting... uncomfortable about me driving at limits that could do serious damage (to me and the car) should things go awry.

Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
...heading over to YouTube to see what all this Gintani hype is about.
YouTube doesn't do many of the exhausts justice. Met last weekend with 3 other local folks who had various exhausts to take a listen. For the most part, the tone in the videos is about right but lacking in fullness.

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never mind. postponed another week

should take one week and a half, been almost 3 weeks now!! cant wait :/
Your patience will be rewarded I'll quote myself when I was describing how I felt the first time I started the car to a fellow enthusiast girlfriend: "I had a completely inappropriate physical response..." Yeah. It's hawt And totally worth the wait!
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