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Originally Posted by SymphOfEvil View Post
Gotcha, thanks, I was hoping the originals would work. I'm a little worried that once I get to the track this weekend, I won't be able to get the 18mm spacers off that were required in the rear for my new Breyton wheels though. Any chance I'll still be able to fit an 18x10 with a 275/35 on over a spacer that big? Also, any recommended torque setting for whichever lugs I end up using?
I think the first priority would be to get those spacers off. Ask for help from others....usually guys with trailers!

Even if it doesn't rub, try to minimize using spacers and more importantly, longer lug bolts. The longer the working length of the bolt the more chances for fatigue and over torquing. The fastener dictates the torque, not the wheel. Check with your manufacturer for that.

An anti seized lubricated extended lug bolt can twist at 88ftlbs.

Have fun at the track!!!