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Parker, some questions:

1) You're connecting your phone or the headset to the car? If it's the phone, that's interesting, as my phone is picked up w/out an issue every time I get in the car, by the car and the Samsung. Syncs right up and goes.

2) Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....I always voice dial, so it uses the BMW unit regardless of whether the Samsung is in place. The other quick option is to flip off the Samsung unit before you call w/the phone. What year is your E92? Might be a difference w/the b/t modules BMW is using from year to year.

3) If you have an Android phone, give the PowerAmp app a whirl. They have try before you buy (it's only $3-$4, and worth *every* penny), and it has a (working!) pre-amp. That might give you the extra volume that you're looking for.

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