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Video: Custom Exhaust and Catless Megan

So a few months ago I decided to have a custom bolt-on exhaust made using two Elite race mufflers with custom 3.5 inch tips. I loved this setup but I wanted to go catless in search of more POWER. I figured it would be too loud so I sold it to a friend and picked up a Megan Racing axle back with the titanium tips (which I am probably going to cut and replace with bigger tips painted black) and replaced the primaries with some test pipes. After all that, i headed down to Jeremy@OETuning to take care of the SES (increased emissions) light and get some more power.

The Megan literally has zero drone/vibrations/anything negative and I really don't understand how this is possible, especially with the primary cat delete. Anyone in the Los Angeles area feel free to pm me if you would like to hear it. While the inside is nice and cozy, it screams outside! I wish it was a bit louder so I'll probably remove the secondary cats and resonators later on.

For now, I just have a video compilation of the Elite setup and I will put up a video of the Megan within the next two days. The video was too big so I made it lower quality, but the sound is still the same. First half was taken with an iPhone and the rest with a GoPro.

(UPDATED with both videos)

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