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Tom, I'm have a few questions and hope you can provide a little guidance.
1) The video indicates the car above is on the VF620 kit, and making 690hp @ ~8lbs of boost. On the VFEng website, it says the VF620 kit is good for 620hp @ 5.5-6PSI.
a) Are you guys selling the 8lb pulley, or was this a custom one off?
b) Is the kit w/the 8 lb pulley kit called something else (VF690?) and if so, what's the price difference between the 690hp kit vs the 620hp kit?

2) Drew is having issues w/his DCT and the clutch discs slipping. Are you guys on the stock discs, and how are they holding up?

3) The car 690hp car is running a stock bottom end. VF Eng. didn't feel like a rebuild of the bottom end was warranted for long-term reliability of the engine? I'm asking b/c the other two high hp s/c builds I've seen have a bottom end rebuild going on, so I'm curious.

Thanks for your help. Love the power you guys are making

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