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I once went to BMW of Fairfax, VA. For brakes. Well what do you know? I get back pick up the car and it was damn near undrivable felt so bad I can't describe. I of course was furious they screwed up something really badly. Stopped got out checked and immediately noticed some complete idiot at the stealership put the rear 255/40/18s upfront and the front 225/35/18 out back. The car has sports package therefore staggered wheels. How can you screw that up? Scarely who they sometimes have in these service departments!

Then I had rough stuttering went in for diagnostics, they I needed a solenoid changed, same stealership, and someone took the engine cowl out. It seems someone was eating chicken for lunch and pineapple with some kind of stew, either tipped their plate or accidentally flipped it had the pieces of chicken and pineapple and stew all over the engine. It wouldn't have been so bad except someone or same guy forgot to clean up after themselves and collect some not all the spilled lunch, put in a plate and put the plastic plate in that hole to trough you call it? Thats under the micro filter under the wind shield. Someone then proceeded to reassemble that squishing the plate plus food down there.

Now I don't know if this was out of spite or what, but I had no known friends or enemies there and can't figure why they'd pick on my car, but be as it may, you would think the engine heat would dry the food and I would be none the wiser, but instead it rotted and stunk to high heavens. Every time I'd turn AC on, I had to turn it off from the smell. Drove right back 2 days later asked for manager. Told him about my recent wheel incident, and now this, asked they check whats up? well dude goes on to suggest perhaps a skunk climbed up there into one of the crevices, but back then i parked out on the street. Plausible maybe, but I told him skunk would smell a lot worse and I know what one smells like so maybe its something else. He had one of the techs come take the car inside and let me walk in with him into the shop for inspection. Holly molly! The start to pulls the micro filter and find food! Guy says they had cowl off too so lets double check just incase. Unfreaking believable left over spill in there too.

Manager got an earful about it. He offered detail, but I was beyond mad and declined. Called BMWNA let them know. They offered to intervene, and I said no, screw you guys, you all suck, just want you to know you lost a customer who has bought 4 new cars from you in the past. Well the refunded all the service charges cleaned up the car anyway gave it back to me next day and let me take a 7 series loaner home.

Well, I have not been back there in years and won't be going back ever. I did eventually swallow my lost customer bit later and give in to ED-ing my E92, but still. Epic f-up on their part. I changed my home dealer to TischerBMW and thats that. But its like a crack addict who goes back to the drug, awesome cars, horrible dealers and reliability not worth a damn.
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