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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
nice write up - thank you!
Thanks! My pleasure - glad you enjoyed it!!

Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Enjoy it--amazing car--how it looks, how it sounds. Someone in my neighborhood just got a white Superleggera LP570 and it sounds fantastic. I just got back from Las Vegas where I did a last-minute exotics track driving experience. Drove the Superleggera, then got a ride in one from a former Indycar driver. He floored it from a dead stop and I thought I was going to lose my lunch--the power was overwhelming.

Here's a quick clip of me in the black one:
Thank you. Yes, at first, I considered the LP570 - what a gorgeous, menacing car. Love the carbon fiber, the rear wing, the side skirts, the alcantara..... but, in the end, it was too raw - the seats, too uncompromising... the LP560 suits my driving habits much better. I am SERIOUSLY jealous that you've done the Exotics Race Experience in Las Vegas!!! I would love to do it - I think my choices for cars would be: Aventador, LP570, 458, the McLaren (when it arrives), and the GTR (seriously! I think it would be the ultimate daily driver, and I've never driven one!).
"He floored it from a dead stop and I thought i was going to lose my lunch...." - thanks - I laughed my ass off when I read that. I know how you feel. It's so different being in the passenger seat - when I hit it hard driving, it's so different than being a passenger.

Originally Posted by car_fan View Post
[i]"came back to the car after brunch, to find a girl SITTING on the hood, legs splayed (wearing a skirt), with the Bull emblem between her legs, so her boyfriend could take a picture"[i]

I might not have been so nice - She could have easily bent your hood. Not good!! now about those photos

You are a true enthusiast - being able to still appreciate an M3 which is obviously not in the same class an LP-560 - but still you can applaud the merits of the E9X M3 - even with its humble origins. The snobbery exuded by "some" drivers of exotics is off the charts - even from those that rent them
Haha, thanks. I just love cars. Mostly ALL cars (almost. The Renault Fuego that my Dad bought was an exception... ick, LOL). I guess I've been lucky - the exotics owners that I have met have virtually all been great guys - hard working, and just great at what they do for a living. I admire that.
Hahaha, very soon after I left the girl sitting on the hood, I wondered if i should have demanded a copy of the picture, but I'm not that quick off the mark, LOL.....
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