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Originally Posted by vonwilbs View Post
What about grabbing a higher gear before entering the long corner? Do you really lose time? OR does the great new technology of double clutch and no torque loss transmissions allow us to achieve faster times through solving this time honored conundrum?
Good question. It is exactly the point of my post.

Looking at data logging, there is a clear advantage of maximizing the power band. For example, at Mont-Tremblant turn 6, when short shifting into 4th gear at 7000RPM before entering the turn compared to maximizing the power band by shifting mid corner at 8400RPM, I manage to be about 0.3 sec quicker through that sector. Not a huge difference, but still faster. At Tremblant, there is also a similar gain to be had between 13 and 14.

Using MDM and S5, I would shift with the throttle pinned to the floor. Either the transmission or DSC/MDM is smart enough to know that the car is laterally loaded and executes a smooth seamless shift (no loss of traction and no surge). When I run DSC off and S6, I never trusted shifting mid corner at WOT, so I always lifted slightly before shifting, thus negating some of the advantage and slightly unbalancing the car (also never tried it at turn 6).

So I am wondering if the same smart logic is there in S6. In other words, is the smart logic programmed in the DCT or is it part of MDM/DSC.

Based on Gearhead's input, I will try a flat out mid-corner shift in S6 next time I am out there (keeping some margin for the first time of course )

I'll keep you informed of the results .

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