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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
Spoken like a true 12-year old.

Ya right!

For all you Vettel-haters/Hamilton-lovers... The video tape of the actual incident, shown from the front, from inside his car, and from the rear... CLEARLY show Karthikeyan moved to the right behind Vettel, NOT that Vettel moved to the left, as all of you are apparently oblivious.
This is born out by the ruling of the FIA against Karthikeyan - go figure.

Vettel's reaction could have been handled better, true. But back markers need to GTF out of the way - period.

Correct, Karthikeyan was at fault at the racing incident and been penalized by the stewards appropriately. End of story, and move on.

However the actions taken by Red Bull racing and Vettel himself is nothing professional at all. Insulting other drivers, and sending managers to smaller teams and bullying them?

Just having a less than ideal season opening and a racing incident shows the dark side of RBR perhaps?

Sure backmarkers need to GTF out of the way...but only in safe manner. Sounds like what RBR wants is they can put a aerodynamic deer guard in front and ram all the slower traffic out of the way.