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Originally Posted by Epacy2 View Post
Exactly. RB and Vettel are a bunch of punk bitches. They fuck Webber over and don't are then try to swan-song him at contract time.
Vettel thinks he's somebody and better than other drivers now. Fuck him, little punk ass whiny bitch.
Spoken like a true 12-year old.

Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
You can't just ram the slower teams out of the way, the track can also be so wide and there's only one racing line. Backmarkers have been part of racing for decades and RBR....DEAL WITH IT!!!
Ya right!

For all you Vettel-haters/Hamilton-lovers... The video tape of the actual incident, shown from the front, from inside his car, and from the rear... CLEARLY show Karthikeyan moved to the right behind Vettel, NOT that Vettel moved to the left, as all of you are apparently oblivious.
This is born out by the ruling of the FIA against Karthikeyan - go figure.

Vettel's reaction could have been handled better, true. But back markers need to GTF out of the way - period.