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2011 BMW E92 M3  [5.00]
Gintani Sport Exhaust+Valve+Quad Resonated X-Pipe

Just got my Gintani Sport (Black Ceramic Coated Dual Wall) with the electronic valve option and quad resonated X-Pipe with CAT delete.

This will be another DIY, with the help of my wife. We are going to start on it tonight.

I will keep this thread updated with additional pictures and videos and soon as I get it installed.

My car came with M-Performance exhaust and I was happy with the sound but want to get rid of the CATS (in order to take full advantage of the power of my ESS VT2-625 Kit) BUT I didn't want the dreaded raspy sound when pairing the M-Performance with the X-Pipe.
I have always been a HUGE fan of Gintani's exhaust. IMO they make the best sounding exhaust out there. My concern was the drone and just being a bit too loud when taking a road trip, with my wife. I had heard rumors of Gintani possibly doing the Valve set-up so I called and spoke with Arno and asked if he could make it happen... and he agreed
The valve's are electronic and controlled by a small key fob sized remote. When the valve is closed it reduces the noise coming from the exhaust.

Gintani has been great to deal with, they have really gone above and beyond expectations. Communication during the build process was great, they expedited shipping to make sure I received it before the long weekend (had to get it the package to LAX), and provided me with an incredible instruction manual for the install of the valve (complete with pictures and!!:) Big Props to Arno & Nick for great customer service

UPDATE 4-6-12
Today I finished installation of my Gintani Sport + Quad resonated catless X-Pipe. Install went very well. This was my first time doing any type of exhaust work on a car so it took me a bit longer than it would have normally taken. I have now installed (1) KW Sleeve Over Kit (2) ESS VT2-625 (3) Exhaust + X-Pipe (4) a whole slew of cosmetic MODs. It has been very gratifying I do not have any automotive mechanical background, in fact I can't even change my own oil... yet I would have to follow the DIY

I got my exhaust yesterday and later in the evening I jacked up my car and started tearing $hit out. The most time consuming part of the project was running the vacuum line from the front to the rear and wiring everything up for the valve option. Gintani provided me with Step BY Step instructions so it wasn't difficult, just time consuming.

I have found my new addiction, I ABSOLUTELY love doing the mods on my car, not sure what I will do when I finish my projects

I am extremely impressed with this company and their team. Great group of guys that made themselves available for any and all question RE install and were very quick to respond The fit and finish of the exhaust and X-Pipe is superb. Everything fit together perfectly, no cutting or twisting, bending, forcing or any type of modification necessary. The X-Pipe was built with perfect alignment, exhaust was the same... down to the Millimeter. It is obvious that these guys at Gintani know their $hit, and for a "First Timer" like me, this is extremely important. Every part I needed was sent with the package, down to every last nut, Zip Ties, instructions... Packaging was great, exhaust arrived in perfect shape

Finished install (with the help of my lovely wife) then fired up the beast and my wife looked at me and says "HOLY $HIT, that sounds AMAZING" AND THAT WAS WITH THE VALVE CLOSED after I was finished cleaning up my jizz, I put my finger on the key fob and pressed the "BUTTON" and released the full potential of this beast that has been caged. Immediately I smelt the wonderful smell of fresh fumes, PURE 94 octane fuel No longer being restricted by those damn CATS. I must say I have missed the smell of fresh kittless exhaust. This exhaust sounds fuckin AMAZING, it's loud and deep and has the perfect tone.
VALVE OPEN=LOUDER THAN A$$ INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE CABIN. This thang fawkin Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeams louder then Sasha Grey takin it in the arse
VALVE CLOSED= NICE EXOTIC TONE OUTSIDE THE CABIN BUT SUBDUED AND STOCK SOUNDING INSIDE THE CABIN. I switched from M-Performance exhaust, and with the valve closed on the Gintani it is actually quieter, inside the cabin, then my M-PERF was. This is extremely difficult to capture on video BUT when the valve is closed the exhaust quiets right down and sounds very "Mellow" compared to wide open..

This exhaust is the Fawkin REAL DEAL

I am attaching a $hitty video but at least you can get the idea. I will try to get better quality videos soon. As said by others... videos do not do justice but at least you can hear it.
The thing that impresses me the most is how the sound changes AS SOON as you hit the remote. INSTANT sound change and that is very hard to capture on the video.

POWER: I really cannot tell you how the additional power feels yet. It's was about 30 degrees F here tonight so I had to be very careful with traction, tires just don't stick in this cold But then again I am just starting to get use to the ESS kit. I will keep you posted

I was able to program the valve remote onto the homelink buttons, which is awesome. So now just press the homelink buttons to open or close the valve

Keep an eye for 1:45 in the 2nd video, you can see small flames shooting out of exhaust pipes

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PHOTO's: Click Here ESS VT2 625 PHOTOS: Click Here

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