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Normally, I would say Cayman R. However, I think buying a Cayman R would be a mistake, given that the new Cayman's are on their way.

The GT3/rs is one of my dream cars as well, but, I think if you wait, there will be a steady decline in pricing to the point that waiting 1 year, without 'saving' can provide benefits since the GT3 will depreciate faster with 991s on the showroom floor.

The M3 tends to spoil people, you get the best of many worlds. While it is absolutely NOT a good idea to daily drive a GT3RS, you should really think seriously about how you plan to use this next car. Dedicated 'fun' car, or mostly a daily driver.

Leaving reality aside, I would say, you only live once. Go buy the Orange GT3RS today, and stop waiting for tomorrow.

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