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Two things man... Listen to this dude. He speaks truth:

"Dont you find it a bit odd every single one of us have given your nearly the same advice?"

And second, isn't it obvious that things are incredibly lopsided here? You drove to SD to see her for a few hours (what is that, a 10-15 hours round trip?) and she unfriended you and got pissed off at you for ranting?!?!?

Originally Posted by jesselou View Post
wow you guys are brutal. she's not a slut, just someone who hasn't been that smart about choosing partners and made a few mistakes along the way.
so i did try to cut things off with her by ranting about all the shit that annoyed me and questioning our relationship/friendship and what it meant. of course, she got very offended and basically said that if i had to question why im her friend, that maybe we shouldn't even be friends in the first place. so the next day, she restricted my access to her fb and i was like wtf, so i unfriended her.