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Originally Posted by kaza View Post
Congrats on the new ride.

I think your write up was spot on. Enjoy
Thanks!!! I shall endeavour to do exactly that, LOL...

Originally Posted by robbiedawg View Post
the m3 e90 saloon (british for sedan) did its top gear power lap faster at 1:25.3 than the gallardo-that's pretty damn impressive! i have of course passed this info on to my gallardo-owning friend...
Ummmmmm...... sure it did. Did you perhaps notice that first, the Gallardo's lap was in the wet (unless, of course, you refer to the Spyder, which would be... interesting....), and secondly, that was the first iteration of the Gallardo, and not the LP560-4, which did the lap in 1:19.5, which sort of........ smokes the M3, just a little?

Also, different days, different temperatures, etc., etc.... valid comparisons can't really be drawn from the Top Gear times, as we all know....

I agree - the M3 is an amazing achievement, but a statement such as that is rather... misleading.
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