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Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
Not sure where you're making these numbers up but... have you ever tried to use this site?

I agree with the HPF E46 M3. Its definitely up your alley in times of performance. 10 second car no problem

Ya that link shows 44k, but the funny thing is its not right or even close!
I know of 4 people in the past 3 months that have bought new evos and out the door it comes to 55, one guy got his for just over 53k

IM not looking for a E46... Im looking for a E92... and like I said it would be plus cash .. Im not one bit interested in the E46 or 335i
we all know anyone can afford what they want, regardless if they pay in cash or have a 6yr term..
Ill try and show you the real cost of Evos!
If no one wants to thats cool, Ill just sell and not trade then buy a E92

47k and thats to get you to call them, then they add on the +++ after you have teas drove it lol