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If you couldn't afford a ring, does that mean you can't get married? Circumcision does not save.

The reason we Muslims believe in circumcision is because it has many hygienic benefits. We take hygiene very seriously and it is one of the most important points in Islam.

Yes, Jesus was circumcised because he was raised Jewish.

This is another thing I donít understand. Why would God be raised as Jewish?

But because of Jesus dying on the cross and raising to life, we no longer are required to live according to the Old Testament law

But Christians tell me that Jesusí death and resurrection was to obtain the keys to heaven. I also wonder why God wouldnít already have the keys but anyway, why would Jesusí death mean that people are allowed more freedom to live their live as they please? Infact this caused many problems. After Jesusí death people done many bad things and the apostles told them that they couldnít do that. But why not? If Jesus died for our sins, it means he paid for them and we are forgiven and free to do as we pleaseÖ

Can you show me where it is written that Jesus did not consume pork?

Iíll try find it. It was in a video and I donít know where it is.

Jesus said in Mark 7:18-19 "'Are you so dull?' he asked. 'Don't you see that nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him 'unclean'? For it doesn't go into his heart but into his stomach

Of course no food can make your heart impure. But funnily enough, pork contains the "trichina" worm which settles around the muscles of the heart when it enters the body. Anyway, Yes pork goes into your stomach, but the many harmful effects it can have on your body is enough to show you that pork is not meant to be eaten. You know, even if it wasnít harmful you could think of it like when God told Adam (AS) not to eat from the tree in heaven. Itís a test of faith. But itís not the point since pork IS harmful for you.

I do agree with you, there were many many letters written during this time about Jesus. However, the one's added to the New Testament were written not by people who heard about Jesus, or saw Jesus from a distance, but people who were actually there, people who made eyewitness accounts of the actions, words, and the resurrection of Jesus.

Well many contradictions in the bible have been discovered. Hereís a link which shows 101 contradictions:

It also points out the fact that many variations of the bible exist. Not to mention all the different editions too. Thereís just so much to read on that website, Iím sure it would take you a few hours to read it all. There are a few other links there too showing many errors and contradictions in the bible.