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Wow, CF center console install was a bit more than I anticipated. Since I do not have i-Drive, I have a little cubby instead. Removing that cubby required that I break the factory plastic weld all the way around the cubby, and then separate it from the center console itself. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain.

Then the new CF piece shows up and it has a cubby surround installed in it. You guessed it, also plastic welded. At this point, I'm thinking I can remove this piece the same way I did the original, but if I mess up I'm sitting here with an expensive paperweight. Patiently, as the pictures show, I used an exacto knife to break the plastic welds, then applied gentle pressure to break the plastic tabs to remove the CF cubby surround. Alas, success and I was able to re-install my original cubby to the CF piece. This isn't for the faint of heart, but being careful pays off and I now have my interior CF complete Enjoy!
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