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Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
Just want to give a shout out to the guys at Gintani. After over a year of trying to talk my husband into it, he finally gave me the thumbs up to replace the M3's OEM exhaust. Since I'd had so long to research, I knew exactly what I wanted for my E90: Gintani, polished with those giant dual walled tips. I was less certain if I wanted Sport, Hybrid or Race. So I called them.

We talked at length about what I wanted [for the car to sound like it should, the ability to track it where there are sound limitations], how I drove & my commute [I prefer twisty back roads instead of the straight shot on the highway], whether I'd be adding the x-pipe [not right away, but likely later], how often I have passengers [hardly ever], etc. Arno was very concerned the Hybrid and Race would drone too much and be too loud. After our conversation, I agreed... mostly. But I went ahead and placed the order for Sport based on his recommendation.

Then the oddest thing happened. Less than an hour later, Arno called me back. He starts off by saying he's never called anyone back. But he wanted to double check that I had ordered what I really wanted. We talked for another 15 minutes or so and I had him change my order to the Race. I hung up and did a little happy dance.

See, here's one of the (many) reasons I am so pleased with Gintani - I'm a woman and I realize how odd it seems to most businesses that a woman is enthusiastic about something like this. I have had folks give me the equivalent of a pat on the back and a "that's nice dear". These guys didn't do that - they asked me a lot of questions and then... they listened.

And then... they sent me an outstanding product. The Race exhaust sounds just wicked. It's exactly what I wanted. It's also exactly as described (there is drone in the lower rev ranges [1500-1900] - but they were clear with me that would be there). The welds are superb. Teeny tiny hand welds aren't easy to do and these are simply gorgeous. Fitment was spot-on. It took just over an hour for my husband to pull the OEM off and install the new one.

A few locals are meeting up this weekend to sample each other's aftermarket exhaust. Not only am I excited to let other enthusiasts hear it, I'm happy to be able to recommend Gintani without a single qualm. Thanks guys!!
You lost me after that. IMO, you don't need your husband's approval. Most of us guys wrestle with this with our wives/GFs and we shouldn't have to. You even less so. He should be happy that his lady wants to improve her sex appeal! Guys go weak in the knees for a lady with a sexy car, especially when she knows how to mod it!

Sorry for the OT!