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Oil Overfill

I overfilled my oil by mistake once. Since I have my car serviced at Active Autowerkes I gave them a call and asked if it's bad to leave like that.

They told that it won't kill the engine, however it's not good to leave it like that. It was long time ago when this happened, but I believe they said it was due to the added pressure on the seals of the oil pump or something like that. Don't remember exactly, but to not drive it like that for a long time.

Since you're in SFLA, give them a call. They do all my service because I trust them and they know what they're doing. For example, when they do my oil change, after draining the oil and replacing the filter and filling in the oil...they let the car run for a few minutes to check where the oil level is at before they let it go. Good luck.