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Originally Posted by M3AN M3 View Post
Oh I get ya! Ya I would toss in cash for sure! I was looking to sell the Evo for 50k.. if some one was selling their M3 for 70k I would be willing to trade plus $20,000

Evos are 55k new! Mine is close to new and has 35k in performance, most parts less then 2k km on them.. Thats the nice thing about the Evo, Parts are very cheap compared to the M3.. so 35k in this car would be like spending 100k+ on the M3
But a whole diff. class for sure!

I dont really want to part the evo just bc it takes 2 long and apain in the ass... I would make more money that way and could sell the evo stock for 45k any day... but thats a route I dont want to go :S
55k for a new evo are you sure?? with EVERY option on a 2012 I could only touch $46,400... maybe its a USA/Canada thing?

If I can make a suggestion, since you dont like the 335i's maybe look into a hpf e46 m3, that might make the kind of power you "really" want. I really enjoy the evo's they are very cool cars, best of luck with your sale.