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Originally Posted by TAAXED View Post
It is indeed full of supercars here, it's great that this place is so safe and you can literally park any car you want in any area of town and no one will harm it. I've only been living here for the past few months as well!

The car does get quite a bit of attention but mainly because of the colour, I get a lot of people that walk up and touch it to see what the paint feels like (when it's parked). I don't blame them too much, that's the first thing I did when I saw the car haha.

Also a lot of tourists like to take photos of the car which I find awkward, especially if I'm in it at the time! So hence why I got the gangster tint which you can kind of see in the last few photos there
Haha that's awesome! You're a celebrity now. It's weird, every time I go back there and hang around Orchard Rd, I don't really turn my head when I hear supercars anymore. But when I hear a V8 or a V10 from a M car, I HAVE TO look. Seems like supercars are more common than M3's over there, especially one in your color. Anyway, enjoy your car man!