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Got the d8000 3 weeks ago. bought it for $2400 with a bd player and 2 extra glasses, went on sale a week later for $2k without the extras and still got a price adjustment from bestbuy. I tweaked the settings to optimum settings recommended by avforums and the image quality is unreal(nothing beats a plasma when it comes to black though).

Went back to bestbuy last weak and saw the new 8000, started a conversation with the sales guy...he said that all the novelty items that the new one comes with are just that, novelty items. They are "buggy" as you would expect with the first gens. But picture quality is pretty much the same unless you really scrutinize it then the edge lit 2011 loses just by a hair

BTW, not much of a 3d fan but I watched Hugo(sucky movie) and it was pretty awesome.