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E46 M3: EVAP (Charcoal Canister) Delete DIY

This is more for the hardcore track guys, or the hardcore weight reduction fellas, like myself. But, I figured I'd share it here too.

Well, it's a bit crappy (pic wise), but you should get the idea.

What you will need:
1) 2 fuel filters with a 3/8" dia
2) 3/8" dia hose, 15-30 inches (depending on how many loops you want)
3) 3/4" clamps, or anything that can go down to that size
4) zip ties

I started by figuring out which vent pipes vented out/in and then attached one way filters according to the direction the air flows.

I attached the filters to the 3/8" dia hose, clamped them on. the vent pipe that pulls air in, was the shorter hose and the vent pipe that pushes air out was a bit longer, so I was able to loop it once. I've read you should loop it a couple times and that it doesn't even matter; so I just did one loop.

I slid the 3/8" dia hose (3/4" outter dia) into the vent pipes, after I trimmed them. Really doesn't matter where, I cut mine so it was right behind the lower wheel well area. Clamp them down, should already be a tight fit. I zip tied the hoes/filters to the lower exterior of the batter box.

And lastly.... I then used a vacuum plug/cover to plug the blue line that goes to the airbox.

Total drop was 8 lbs, I still need to pull the evap mount off, I'm expecting another 5 or so lbs with that - as it's all steel.

Sorry I didn't get more pics, I was figuring it all out as I went along, so I only took a few at the end. If you want more pics or better angles, let me know an I can take some.

My loop is seen here. I zip tied the top of the look to the upper battery box area.

At the top of the picture you can see the blue return line, just plugged it and zip tied it for a little extra security.

Here you can kind of see how the filters are inserted opposite of each other.
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